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Transit Jumbo, Sprinter & Maxus praised as values remain high's LCV expert, David Hill, commented: ''If you're looking for a big van then the Ford Transit 350 Jumbo is a highly desirable option. If you're not fussed about the colour then there's a batch in yellow and green in the market at the moment. They are mostly low mileage and in good condition. Incredibly, they cost about 3,500 less than an equivalent model in white. Even if you get it painted white you'd still be about 2,500 better off, or you can take the green wrap off the front and have a yellow van. The key is to do your homework, check the history and buy at the right price.

''In terms of vans that hold their value, safe bets don't come much safer than the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. Used demand far outstrips supply and long wheelbase models are the most sought after. As always, it is worth checking to make sure the one you're looking at hasn't been clocked or written off, especially when buying privately.

''The LDV Maxus is one of the cheapest vans in the used market. You can buy a 2008 long wheelbase for around the 3,000 mark. For reliable, easy to fix transport they represent great value for money in the current climate. When it comes to negotiating, remember, as well as revealing a van's history, also provides vehicle valuations a great tool for haggling with dealers or private sellers.''