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1. Private Sale
2. Trade-in or Part-Exchange (PX)
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Where to Sell
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Trade-in or Part-Exchange (PX)

The easiest, quickest and most convenient way out of your old car and into a new one. You find a car you like at a dealer and they offer you the trade value of your old one in part-exchange. Works best for popular, ready to sell cars in good condition.


  • Tidy your car up before taking it to dealers. See PRESENTING THE CAR.
  • Try to get an agreed trade-in value before settling on a final price for the car you're buying.
  • If you're offered poor part-exchange deal, the dealer probably doesn't want your old car. You're almost certain to get more from a private sale.
  • Remember it's "cost to change" that counts, not the trade-in price. What's the difference between the negotiated price on the car the dealer is selling and the trade-in value he's offering? That's the amount you've got to find or finance.