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Porsche Boxster (1996-09)

Overall Rating

5 stars

For performance, handling and quality, Boxster is probably the best open top sports car you can buy. And it's practical too. Pricey at first glance, it's actually rather good value.

  • Porsche heritage and performance; soft-top style
  • Ride and handling are unmatched by Z4 or S2000
  • Refined cabin, adequate load space
  • High insurance and service costs
  • 3.2 looks too expensive compared with 2.7
  • Extras push up prices rapidly
Road Test

Up to a point Boxster is a bargain Porsche. 911's younger sister looks as good as, is built as well as, and drives as well as Porsche's top model. But start adding goodies from the options list, and Boxster becomes less of a bargain. This desirable car should be appreciated in its own right, not as a cut-price 911. You get a talented soft top sportster with very characterful engines of more than adequate power. Handling is excellent thanks to the near perfect balance imparted by the mid-mounted engine. Driving a Boxster is a sublime experience. There are some stirring noises from engine and exhaust, but it's never less than comfortable. And it's surprisingly refined with the roof up. The cabin has lots of room for two, there are several useful cubby holes, and the boot is a practical size. Overall quality is second to none, boosting reliability and minimising depreciation.

Need To Know

NCAP: Not tested

Best Models: All

Worst Models: None

Replacement: 2012

Porsche Boxster (1996-09)
Star Ratings


5 stars


5 stars

Quality & Reliability

5 stars


5 stars


4 stars

Running Costs

3 stars

Value for Money

4 stars

Stereo/Sat Nav

4 stars
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