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Mazda 6 (2010-13)

Overall Rating

4 stars

A popular company car the Mada6 has been re-styled to great to drive, stylish and distinctive.

  • Sporty, stylish looks
  • Improved efficiency engines
  • Well-equipped and well-finished
  • Company car image
  • Firm ride
  • Some wind noise
Road Test

The Mazda6 is a good looking car, sporty and curved available in saloon, hatchback or estate. Aimed mainly at the company car buyer but it suits private family motorists just as well. Well-equipped and well-finished it also has a good name for reliability. Comfortable for driving company motorway miles, seats are supportive and the driving position is good. Residual values are strong for a fleet car, and its reliability and quality make it a good investment. Engines have been improved to provide greater efficiency except for a new 2.0-litre 155bhp direct petrol injection which has replaced the previous 2.0-litre. Priced to undercut the likes of Passat and A4, the 6 makes an interesting and entertaining alternative to a Mondeo or Vectra without taking too many risks. Quality, reliable and affordable but the market for these bigger cars is shrinking as buyers opt for more compact, efficient models.

Need To Know

Best Models: Diesels

Replacement: 2012

Mazda 6 (2010-13)
Star Ratings


4 stars


3 stars

Quality & Reliability

5 stars


4 stars


3 stars

Running Costs

4 stars

Value for Money

4 stars

Stereo/Sat Nav

0 stars
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