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Honda S2000 (1999-09)

Overall Rating

4 stars

S2000's muscular styling complements an amazing high-revving engine that delivers strong performance. Well built and reliable with a comprehensive standard specification. A fine sports convertible and a great buy.

  • Stylish; excellent value compared with Boxster
  • High-revving 2.0 VTEC delivers swift performance
  • Generous equipment for a sports car
  • Revs need to be kept up for best effect
  • Steering response could be sharper
  • Snug cabin (some say cramped); limited luggage space
Road Test

The heart of the S2000 is its wonderful engine. It may seem small just two litres but it develops nearly 240bhp. That's a huge amount of power, but it works brilliantly with a six-speed gearbox that's precise and delightful to use. You can accelerate cleanly and easily, feeling the power build up to propel the S2000 along at up to 150mph. The sophisticated suspension set-up imparts lots grip. The S2000 tackles bends with complete ease and always feels perfectly balanced; it can be driven fast with confidence. Special to drive, it's equally special to look at, with sleek but slightly predatory lines. Inside the cockpit that special experience continues. There's an electronic dashboard display and big red button to start the engine. Taller drivers can find it cramped and may even find their heads above the windscreen. But everything is top quality from the neat electric roof to the switchgear.

Need To Know


Best Models: S2000

Worst Models: GT

Honda S2000 (1999-09)
Star Ratings


4 stars


3 stars

Quality & Reliability

4 stars


5 stars


3 stars

Running Costs

3 stars

Value for Money

4 stars

Stereo/Sat Nav

4 stars
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