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Car Finance
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Finance Your Next Car - Personal Loans

With lenders chasing your business, getting personal loans to finance your car purchase has never been easier. Available at the big High Street lenders, by phone or online from direct-sales companies, they offer flexible repayment periods of 2 to 10 years.

Interest rates are most competitive for larger personal loans (though still higher than remortgaging).

The big advantage of a personal loan is that it separates the finance deal from the car deal. You can shop where you want - at a dealership, privately, with an online retailer or even at auction - and you own the car from the start.


  • Go for a fixed-rate loan deal, so your monthly repayments don't vary.
  • Repayment protection covers redundancy, unemployment, sickness and accident. It costs extra but buys peace of mind.
  • Use a low interest credit card to finance small cash sums.
  • Go to OWN OR LEASE? for non-ownership finance plans.