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Buying a New Car
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Buying a new car - the pros and cons

Even more than a holiday or a brilliant night out, buying a new car makes you feel good. You want it, you deserve it? so why not go for it?

A new car is more than just transport. It says a lot about you - where you're coming from, where you're going, what your priorities are. Most new car marketing presses the big psychological buttons - image, status, satisfaction, self-esteem - at the expense of boring, rational issues that influence your car-buying decisions. Issues like cost, depreciation, and what it promises in terms of safety, reliability, comfort and economy.

Before you're seduced by the latest million-pound ad campaign and a sharp-suited salesperson in a slick showroom, weigh the advantages of new car ownership against the disadvantages. As you can see, there are more points for than against - but if you tick just one item in the AGAINST column, take a look at BUYING A USED CAR before making up your mind. You may be just as happy - and considerably better off - buying a nearly-new car.

This year's modelHeavy depreciation
Be the first ownerPay high new prices
The latest number plateA number plate is only 'new' for a few months
Peace of mindWait for delivery
Order exactly the specification you wantPay for lots of expensive extras
Benefits of latest safety standardsSpend more than necessary - you can buy the same model for s less on the used market
Full manufacturer warrantyYour new car will soon be out of date
Sales incentives: insurance, 0% finance, breakdown cover etc
No worries about past history