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Peugeot Kisbee 50

Road Test

Designed as the perfect partner for urban travellers, the Kisbee offers hassle-free commuting at a low cost to both the rider and the environment.

Simple in concept but advanced in design, the 49cc four-stroke engine features a new piston design, lighter conrod and three-chamber exhaust, so it produces more torque but remains compact, lightweight and reliable.

Combined with the fully automatic transmission, the Kisbee delivers more than enough power for nipping through congested streets, yet it emits around 30% less CO2 than an equivalent size two-stroke scooter while delivering optimum fuel efficiency.

A spacious dual seat and flip-out pillion footpegs ensure a comfortable ride for both rider and passenger, while the large flat floor pan, generous legroom and slim 780mm-high seat offer a relaxed riding position to suit all sizes. Luggage space is provided by lockable storage under the seat, which is large enough to hold a full-face helmet.

Chunky 12-inch wheels with sports profile tyres give a sure-footed feel and the telescopic forks with twin shock absorbers at the rear provide stability, soaking up ruts and potholes for a comfortable ride. Weighing in at 95kg, the compact Kisbee is easy to squeeze into the tightest parking space so it is perfect for city bike bays.

Available in black, white, blue or red colour options the most striking feature of the Kisbee is the price.

Peugeot Kisbee 50
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