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Choosing the Right Car
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Vehicle Type, Size, Body Style

Your passenger and load-carrying needs, your lifestyle and your personal aspirations combine to lead you towards a certain sort of car - whether it's a sports car, an ultra-compact mini for running around town, or a roomy no-nonsense family estate.

Your choice of vehicle type is driven largely by how many people/pets/things you need to transport from A to B. Analyse your typical space and comfort requirements, and try to map them on to different sizes and types of vehicle. If it's just you, your partner and your child doing local motoring most of the time, a small family hatchback will probably fit the bill nicely. If you sometimes need a bigger vehicle for special occasions and longer journeys - an eight-seater MPV for those motoring holidays with the inlaws, for example - it's almost certainly more cost-effective to hire one.